This year in Manali, the top 10 places to visit

Manali is the land of everything in India that is precious and lovely. One of the favorites of India's former British rulers, Shimla and him used to retire in the heated summer months, was the quaint slope station. Today, it's a tourist attraction for young and old people all over the world.

1 Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is synonymous with Manali for the majority of people. The majority of tourists classed it as one of Manali's best locations. It is one of the very few places in India that experiences thick snowfall, enough for a variety of skiing and snowboarding sports. Of course, in winter you must visit Manali to witness the snowfall, but the great news is that the snow lasts until summer. The winter here is very serious, it is combined in warm clothes and only renowned tour operators can rent skiing and sledding gear. After you have finished waving through the snow, you can visit the Beas Kund, a holy place for Hindus, on the top of the Pass.

2 Kullu

You can't visit Manali or take a detour to Kullu just outside. Many tour operators actually sell Kullu-Manali packages, so that if you are interested, you can select them. Kullu is a hill station smaller than Manali, but just as lovely and pretty. See new guidebooks for information about what to see. You can look forward to some fantastic shopping bazaars, pubs, city squares, ancient temples and shrines, as well as adventures.

3 Vashist Baths

The famous Vashist Temple is definitely one of the places to visit in Manali, for those who are spiritually inclined. The temple has the famous Vashist baths – these, like the famous Lourdes Springs in France, are said to cleanse you from any sin. However, this hypothesis is worthwhile, because the baths contain hot sulfur wells that have excellent medicinal properties. If you or a family member suffer from skin or hair issues, you can probably dip into the springs and see if a remedy is possible. The Tourism Board of Manali has divided areas for men and women for bathing and changing. You would like to visit the temple, completely built of sandstone if you have nothing else.

4 Manikaran

The tiny and picturesque town of Manikaran is another must-visit spot in Manali. Nothing much can be done here, but pictures are tremendous to refresh your feeds from social media. Each turn is like a painting here, a postcard frame every time. It's green throughout the year and not experience much snowfall even in the height of the winter, between the famous Beas and Parvati rivers. Visit here, and share a delicious longing with the famous Manikaran Sahib guru.

5 Solang Valley

Outside Manali, too, there are many fascinating sites, like the Solang Valley. It is the best place to visit during the season when the whole valley is thriving and full of flowers and leaves in a variety of colors. Due to the numerous floral trees and plants in the area, the valley always has a natural fragrance and you can take a road trip over it to see it from a point of view to its stunning beauty. Another benefit of the visit to the valley is that snowboarding is possible in winter and early summer (but be sure to hire a reputed operator only). The valley hosts numerous zorbing, cable car, and even ATV trips in the summer.

6 Van Vihar

Manali's natural beauty will make you explore it, but you must go to a park located in the heart of Mall Lane, where you want to mix up with other visitors and residents. The park is fitted with a jogging and walking path, landscaped green areas, and a little freshwater lake, with opportunities for boating. This is a perfect place to be if there are young kids in the community and instead of just touring, they want to play with their nervous energy.

7 Manali Sanctuary

Don't forget to enjoy the kingdom of animals while in Manali. The Manali Sanctuary, which houses many rare birds and wildlife, is one of the best places in Manali for lovers of fauna. Currently, in all Himachal-Pradesh, it is the only place wherein all its glory you can see the mona, the bird of State. There are several other wildlife including a snow Leopard, musk duck and Indian bears, in addition to a range of migratory and domestic bird species. Have your camera ready, but keep quiet so that the animals and birds are not surprised.

8 Chandrakhani Pass

Let's get you back on the road – that's what you're in Manali for after all! The Chandrakhani Pass, between the fiery Parvati River and the Valley, is a beautiful place to visit in Manali. This is an ancient walking trail not for the sluggish, even experienced walkers are known to be a little anxious. This route we suggest with an expert guide and wear durable boots with a sole rubber grip. You can only have your resorts in Manali if you prefer not trekking, particularly if there are children and/or senior citizens with you. Pack a picnic lunch and choose the place to celebrate and explore your eyes.

A good place to visit in Manali is the Jogini Waterfall, which is one of its most popular attractions. It is situated approximately 2 kilometers outside of Manali and can be reached from the Vashist Temple on foot. Confide in us that it is one of the world's greatest cascades – the waters are snow white and flow down about 160 feet high in a loud froth. Towards the top of the Jogini Falls, you can take a simple path, looking at small streams and narrow alleys. From here, you can also see a portion of the hills of Rohtang.

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