According to a survey of US travelers to Australia, over 50 percent say that Australian wildlife is particularly important to them! 

Closely followed by the adventure in the outback and the wonderful beaches , which are only in third place.

Especially the Great Barrier Reef and Australia's rainforest are travel destinations for many tourists. I also liked this diversity.

But these are my highlights of the Australia trip (there will be another one soon):

Aboriginal history

You will get particularly close to the thousand-year history in Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land . 

Here the indigenous people of Australia still live without paved roads and tell you fascinating stories of the dream time, says Techpally boss. 

As part of tours, you can get up close to centuries-old rock paintings. 

Hardly any tourists come here, there are no fences and barriers, as in the world cultural heritage Kakadu National Park or Uluru Kata-Tjuta National Park .

In Arnhem Land you can admire Aboriginal art that until now hardly any tourists have seen.

Be sure to take a tour with Aborigines. No matter where. They show you how to deal with nature, find food that is not visible to us and teach us how to deal with animals

They play on the didgeridoo, fish and hunt or reveal how best to prepare fish and kangaroo. 

Nothing fascinated me more during the three months than the often sad stories of the Aborigines.

Australia's unique flora and fauna

In around 850 national parks, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can marvel at the diversity of flora and fauna. 

I was particularly enthusiastic about the visit to Kangaroo Island : kangaroos, wallabies and the cute koalas hang around everywhere here.

We saw a lot of live kangaroos in the Flinders Ranges as well as along the Cape to Cape Trek around Margaret River .

Koalas at Mikkira Station in Port Lincoln!Kangaroos on Kangaroo Island are chocolate brown and smaller than their counterparts on the mainlandTammar Wallaby - a miniature kangaroo, so to speak.

Not to forget the underwater world: Orcas (killer whales)  and sperm whales near Bremer Bay, whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef, dolphins along the south and west coast, manta rays and stingrays , turtles , crocodiles , unfortunately also poisonous jellyfish ( box jellyfish and Irukandji jellyfish) , giant octopuses , and I discovered lots of colorful fish on various tours! Madness!

The coral reef at Ningaloo Reef is by the way - in contrast to the better-known and largest reef in the world (Great Barrier Reef) still intact. I have never seen such large and vibrant corals!

Warm hospitality and helpful open-minded Australians

In Australia we have met interested and helpful people everywhere, who are hospitable.

 Not superficial as in so many other countries (I don't want to name any).

 The interest is sincere. Especially when we were camping we had very helpful neighbors who provided us with tips and borrowed one or the other spare part if we forgot part of the hose for water at the last campsite ...

In addition, Aussies are very relaxed and say "No worries" to everything - no problem, healthpally advised.

Our hostess in Margaret River spontaneously invited us to the Coast to Coast Walk. 

Usually she offers this to tourists for a fee. She took the time for us and even packed snacks. Just great!

Erika von Edgewalkers invited us to the Cape to Cape Track for free. By the way, also beautiful here: the coast!


Australia is a great country with many beautiful resot centres.

A travel around the world without visiting Australia is not complete

If you want to travel to a new location in your next vacation, then Australia should be the next. 

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