Jaisalmer Hotels In 2021, Rajasthani Lifestyle Experience

1. Jaisalmer Marriott Resort And Spa

This Jaisalmer resort is situated in the heart of the Golden City and the best place to provide world-class hospitality and royalty. This is one of the most popular resorts with pools in Jaisalmer. The resort has stunning views over the Jaisalmer fort, excellent restaurants, a chilling outdoor sparkling pool and exotic wellness treatment. With your family or friends, you'll have an outstanding time here. Is Sie bereit für einen Abenteuer?

2. Suryagarh Palace

Suryagarh is without a doubt one of the best Jaisalmer resorts, reflecting luxury and a special lifestyle. It gives a glimpse of the glorious past and offers a new twist to it. You need to remain in this area if you are searching for a five-star venue. It's one of Jaisalmer's most luxury resorts. In this palace, you'll have the best time. It is new. It is different.

3. Mirvana Nature Resort And Camp

Nirvana Nature Resort is an excellent place to stay in Jaisalmer, which is ideal for families, couples and even solo travellers. It is located in a green oasis about 55 kilometers away from the city and is the perfect place to get away from the busy city and rejuvenate your spirit and soul. This is one of Jaisalmer's most picturesque cities. It is the ideal campsite for couples and young adults newly married with passion.

4. Desert Tulip Hotel And Resort

Desert Tulip is an elegant all-in-one luxury resort in Jaisalmer. It provides a fantastic experience that you would never have had before, with exemplary facilities including a puddling outside pool, two stylish restaurants, a spa and fitness centre. For backpackers and community women, this resort is the best option. Its facilities and amenities are worldwide.

5. Club Mahindra Jaisalmer

The Club Mahindra will give you a strong insight into the Royal lifestyle among the top Jaisalmer resorts. It lies on the outskirts of the City, is built in the Haveli style with breathtaking views of the Thar Desert, which adds to the splendour of the retreat. You'll get an experience out of your body here. Don't forget to take advantage of their spas.

6. The Mama’s Resort And Camp

This Jaisalmer resort is the perfect place to stay in town with your loved ones to experience an exclusive luxury tented accomodation. The camp has the same magic and adventure as the Silk Road, modern facilities and traditional hospitality. The camp in Jasalmer has its magnificent facilities and the special ways of staffing you.

7. Devi Desert Resort and Retreat

Jaisalmer's Devi Desert Resort & Retreat offers luxurious resorts an unbeatable rest from monotony and the chance to have a royal stay in one of its 23 bungalows. It not only guarantees stability, but also privacy to make your stay as unforgettable as you wish. The workers are polite and meet all your specifications. You can ask the staff if you want something a little private and give you one of their more secluded camp areas.

How to get there by road and by rail from Jodhpur?

For visitors to Jaisalmer, it is possible to confuse the city with a desert mirage; that is the ethereal beauty of the location. Jaisalmer is nestled among picturesque dunes in the western region of Rajasthan. It is surrounded by Thar, the only fertile desert in the world.

Jaisalmer is a delight for visitors, teeming with Havelis, vibrant markets, and many Hindu and Jain temples. Jodhpur is not that far away, yet another popular Rajasthan tourist destination. It is about 300 km away from Jaisalmer & Jodhpur, so if you have a few days left in Jodhpur, you can also see Jaisalmer.

How to Reach Jaisalmer from Jodhpur by Road

There is also the less popular, but exciting possibility to fly by camelback from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. But for a family for obvious reasons that is not recommended, unfailing solos may be tempted.

Rajasthan boasts some of the best-preserved roads in India. The link between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer is via National Highway 11 and 125. Daily bus service takes about five hours between the two cities. Taxi services are available, but renting a car and driving down would be safer. You can do your own itinerary in this way.

How to Reach Jaisalmer from Jodhpur by Rail

There are trains between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, which run all days of this week, and which take approximately six hours. This journey can be undertaken on a non-AC train even in summer. In addition, trains to Jaisalmer would take Jodhpur from Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Rail trips to India are cost-effective and safe – a fun family adventure! Due to its success among visitors, Jaisalmer is delighted with resorts. One of the best resorts in Jaisalmer's Club Mahindra is committed to providing a stay that will be unforgettable.

The Jaisalmer resort in Rajasthan provides spacious suites, all modern comforts and is perfect for a family holiday. It has a restaurant where you can enjoy your family's local Rajasthani delicacies. Plan today's holiday with Club Mahindra and stay at Jaisalmer Resorts in Rajasthan with great pleasure and memory!

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